Saturday, April 13, 2013

Social media is a little overwhelming for someone like me. Twitter, blogging, Facebook, website, blog hopping, oh, my! I am signing up for a Twitter account today see how it works. How often should I tweet? What should I tweet about? What do you think?


  1. So great to see you implementing the info we talked about at the meeting today! That's fantastic! I'm @Jenna_Jaxon if you want to follow me (I'll follow back!). And tweet what you want. Read some of the tweets, get the lay of the land, retweet some posts, and just jump in! The Twitter is fun!

  2. Great to see you doing the social media thing, Carolyn! Love the hummingbirds on your site! :D I agree with Jenna...the Twitter IS fun! It all can be a little overwhelming at times, but just be yourself and have fun with it. If you find it's trying to drag you to the Dark Side then take a little break, and then flap your wings again. It's all good! :)