Monday, June 24, 2013

Once upon a time...

Day 1

I'm starting a new story line today.
Exciting and a little scary at the same time.
The exciting part is putting words to paper, giving life to characters only existing in my head.
The scary part is doing them justice.

I'm normally a "pantser" who plots in her head, if that makes any sense. I may put pivotal scenes on paper (or in text) while still working the plot points in my head.

This time, however, I'm using The 90-day novel by Alan Watt

I ordered the book from Amazon, receiving it just one day before a recent writers' retreat. I took it along with other resource materials, figuring I'd get to it. Never did, but a couple other writers were looking over it, fell in love with it and were going to buy it once they returned to civilization.

So, today is Day 1, the day I begin imaging the world of the story. Of course, I've already got ideas, but this book and its exercises will focus and fine tune my creativity and imagination, helping me to better "see" and communicate my characters' story.

Wish me luck!


  1. I wish you a hearty 'good luck'! I love that photo of the castle. that's inspiring.

  2. Already I'm liking the plan Alan Watt lays out. Tomorrow, day 2.

  3. Good luck, lady! I'm excited to know what you think about this book. Keep us posted! :D

  4. Good luck! I'm more of a panster myself, but having to turn in a full synopsis before writing the story has changed that a little. Now I equally cringe and laugh when I have go to off course. *The characters made me do it!* LOL!